What You Do:

As a digital solution provider, you are working every angle to speed up the adoption of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Industrial Internet of Things, and Cloud-based, SaaS solutions by water and wastewater utilities. You conduct webinars about your solution, you schedule free demos, you approach deals directly and through a myriad of partnerships and collaborations.

What You Face:

The problem is that the cacophony of digital revolution sound is too loud in the ears of the utility audience you are trying to influence. Even though you position your solution as smarter than all the others, your prospective customers are overwhelmed by the litany of options that, however different, all sound the same. Coupled with a dysfunctional purchasing process involving many disparate decision-makers within utilities, who all have the power to single-handedly destroy your proposal, and it’s hard to message your value to all the influencers you need to through traditional consultative approaches.

How We Help:

At Water Online, we help digital solution providers engage the right utility personnel with the right content at the right time to make a meaningful difference. By analyzing reader behavior, we identify patterns of reader activity and connect it to the personas-of-interest you need to influence, helping you create a portfolio of content assets to differentiate your company and brands from the pack.


  • Overcoming Municipal Barriers to Getting Your Digital Solution Sold

    To capitalize on this projected growth, treatment equipment vendors must take a different approach to marketing and fostering prospects. They must take an approach that makes them stand out as thought leaders and trusted vendors in a very noisy and crowded vendor space. One way to do this is by moving away from reliance on product-centric outbound marketing efforts to affect the bid process at the end of the sales cycle to building brand awareness, recognition, and trust in the minds of customers ahead of the bid process.

  • Digital Solutions Support Cross-Functional Teams and Company ROI

    Digital transformation in water and wastewater is one of the most important industry innovations of the 21st century. Where the focus used to be on pipes, screens, filters, disinfectants, and things more directly related to treatment, today the focus is on centralization of processes and data. It's changing the way municipalities operate their systems and has become the change catalyst of our time.

  • Be Part Of The Digital Transformation Revolution

    With digital momentum finally picking up, it’s critical for your solution to be adopted as foundational that future solutions will build around. But how do you get a foot in the door and begin educating utilities on why your solution should be the first to evaluate, pilot and adopt?

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    When approaching the water utility market with digital solutions, it's good to understand the four barriers that your potential customers face in evaluating your solution. Let’s look at four barriers to digital transformation in the water and wastewater industry.

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    Even before the pandemic hit, the savviest marketers and sales leaders were looking at digital solutions to play a significant role in their customer relationships. Now, as buyers increasingly interact with brands in different ways — and find more value than ever in digital channels — your marketing professionals are under pressure to improve outcomes.

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    Paul O’Callaghan, CEO and Founder of BlueTech Research, explains how with no experience in filmmaking, he and his fellow contributors conceived of the Brave Blue World movie to raise the profile of the water industry and how they worked with NETFLIX to take their story worldwide.