What You Do:

Engineering Firms succeed when the water and wastewater market witness their expertise. Historically, you’ve done this by showcasing your knowledge through your technology and process experts presenting at events, sitting on panels and getting published in peer-review journals. Large brand sponsorships and networking events around conventions are used to tie all the knowledge share and individual expertise together with your corporate brand.

What You Face:

The problem is that as your individual subject matter experts (SME’s) become more and more recognized, it’s impossible to keep track of that recognition across your knowledge base of consultants. Events are great for business card swaps and recognition, but horrible for tracking meaningful connections over time. CRM tools and most Martech are renowned for offering a lot but through limited time and interest to input data or the complexity of tracking meaningful connection, provide little more than a contact database.

How We Help:

At Water Online, we capture engagement across all your SME’s content from articles to webinars to interviews and provide a unified database of engagement so that you can see how content across all your SME’s is resonating with your audience and building connection for your brand. Through your reporting interface, we can show you who is engaging with your content across your experts and present the share of voice you are winning within utilities and industrial customers.


  • Grow Your Brand By Leveraging Successes

    A key component to growing a business or standing out in a crowded space is delivering on promises about your products and services. If you are able to deliver on promises, then expanding your brand to reach more customers is not as difficult as it could otherwise be. And a great way to do this is by showcasing your wins.

  • We are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution and its combining digital information technology (IT) with industrial manufacturing operations (OT). The water and wastewater industry is beginning to see the benefits of the IT/OT convergence and engineering consultancies are rapidly moving beyond environmental design work into the burgeoning space of IT/OT design and implementation.

  • Winning engineering design work from utilities is difficult, especially for consulting firms with less tenure or brand recognition in a geographic market. The legacy connections that exist between municipalities and established engineering firms may have been in place for decades. How do you gain traction and overcome?


  • As the new WNBA champion Chicago Sky enjoyed their well-earned victory parade around the city of Chicago recently, another band of warriors masked up and ventured into the WEFTEC arena for the first time in person since 2019. Despite all the stops and starts in the run up to the Conference, the COVID-19 precautions in place restricting attendance to the vaccinated and the nail-biting decisions of many an exhibitor on whether to exhibit or not, there were plenty of familiar faces to catch up with on the state of our industry.

  • Most water industry solutions providers rely on the independent rep model to drive sales. Ideally, these rep firms are focused on responding to RFQs, coordinating product availability, negotiating price, and getting new products into the market. It’s a dynamic that offers the most efficient sales pathway for solutions providers to establish a local connection with the municipal and industrial end-users and consultants they serve.

  • Content publishing is a key marketing tool for water and wastewater solutions providers. The best content engages readers by addressing the challenges they face, but too many companies still focus this investment on themselves and their product.