Brand Positioning is a marketing strategy that sets your business apart from the competition.

It is the way in which you introduce and promote your product or service to the public that makes it stick in their mind as unique and different from the competition. Your brand’s position creates the perception as favorable, different, and credible in consumers’ minds.

Brand positioning is important because it reflects your brand’s reputation. From a bottom-line perspective, it increases your brand’s awareness, communicates its value, and justifies its price point.

Brand position marketing creates more financial value over time than short-term performance marketing. It does this by shaping consumer preferences. After all, brand positioning strategies are directly linked to consumer loyalty, consumer-based brand equity, and the consumer’s willingness to purchase the brand.

In short, brand positioning is about educating your audience in very specific ways about your product or service. This “positioned education” helps sales gain more leads and conversions…and one of the best ways to do this is through content marketing.


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