What You Do:

As an infrastructure service provider, you provide condition assessments across water and wastewater infrastructure used to pump, divert, transport, store, treat, and deliver safe drinking water. In the United States, this infrastructure consists of vast numbers of groundwater wells, surface-water intakes, dams, reservoirs, storage tanks, drinking-water facilities, pipes, and aqueducts. You provide municipalities with servicing and upgrading that infrastructure.

What You Face:

There is an urgent global need for sustained investment to improve wastewater management and infrastructure. Reliable and sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure is essential for communities to thrive, however, much of the water infrastructure in the world is aging and has lacked the funding to be properly managed. The problem is that most infrastructure service providers, even when equipped with the latest technology, seem unable to stand out among the competition and/or land the government bids due to competition.

How We Help:

At Water Online, we help infrastructure service providers engage the right infrastructure personnel with the right content at the right time to make a meaningful difference. By analyzing reader behavior, we identify patterns of reader activity and connect it to the personas-of-interest you need to influence, helping you create a portfolio of content assets to differentiate your company and brands from the pack. Moreover, we use a brand publishing approach to differentiate your company around expertise and technical leadership. As readers engage with your content portfolio, they realize that you are a company that knows what you are talking about. Our content presentation model means that when bidding on jobs, contractors and operators recognize your brand as a product they want to work with and your company as a best-in-breed reliable vendor, elevating you over the competition when all else is viewed as equal.


  • We All Have The Tools To Communicate

    Utilizing her experiences as both an engineer in the water industry and an art history buff, Susan Guswa, from Woodard & Curran, has learned that there is no one way to communicate or share stories and finds value in meeting people where they are to communicate effectively about projects and their importance.