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Hi, I’m Travis Kennedy. I’m the publisher of Water Online and the founder of This website is designed to help manufacturers and service providers in the water and wastewater industry understand how to influence their customers into buying their product. Here are a collection of my thoughts on the subject.


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Why You Should Avoid Too Much Self-Promotion
Over the past five years I’ve talked with hundreds of marketing professionals in the water and wastewater market. The most successful of these marketing professionals understand that their strategy must center on finding, identifying and consistently engaging their target audience. Secondarily, but equally as important, is knowing that reader-centric content is their optimal tool for getting in front of that audience and building up their...  Continue Reading..
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5 Steps To Better Content Marketing That Generate Sales
Unlike print ads and banner placements, content marketing offers a timelessness to your content assets as they are archived online, in Google, and will be forever accessible. These are not a one-off marketing effort, but create connections with your intended audience, again and again, allowing your business to grow its audience by providing compelling, helpful, and purposeful information that your audience is hungry for. And it’s done in a...  Continue Reading..
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Overcoming Municipal Barriers to Getting Your Digital Solution Sold
To capitalize on this projected growth, treatment equipment vendors must take a different approach to marketing and fostering prospects. They must take an approach that makes them stand out as thought leaders and trusted vendors in a very noisy and crowded vendor space. One way to do this is by moving away from reliance on product-centric outbound marketing efforts to affect the bid process at the end of the sales cycle to building brand...  Continue Reading..
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2 Big Benefits Of Brand Publishing For Manufacturers In The Water & Wastewater Market
Unless the buyer is at the very end of his purchasing cycle and simply looking for a quote to compare vendors and award the sale to the most attractive bid (often the cheapest), sales-oriented marketing material is not going to help you win favor at the critical early stage of the buying cycle.  Continue Reading..
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Marketing Attribution In The Water And Wastewater Market
One of the reasons Marketing gets such a brush off in the water and wastewater market is that unlike Sales, it has always been difficult to measure Marketing’s return on investment. Measuring sales is easy. It doesn’t matter what happens out in the field, at the end of the day, you measure your Sales reps on how many units they sell. They might be hard to manage but their output is simple to measure.  Continue Reading..