• Follow, Understand, And Help Your Buyer: The Modern Paradigm For B2B Marketing And Sales

    While operating within a paradigm, we can achieve desired outcomes, but at the same time become better informed about our actions in a way that enables continuous improvement. Marketing and sales is overserved with tactics and failproof processes to deliver better results. What we need is a modern paradigm, a different way to think about marketing, sales, and our buyers. The paradigm is called follow, understand, and help.

  • Being More Intentional With Your Paid Media!

    Content marketing lifted water and wastewater companies out of the dark ages and into marketing enlightenment. Long gone are the days when B2B marketers created only complex spec sheets and product brochures.

  • Communicating Your Value In The Information Age

    Communicating your value in The Information Age means giving your prospect what they need rather than what you want.

  • The Trouble With Silos

    No one gets excited about adding another meeting to their schedule, but the right kind can offer immediate improvement if you suspect important information is getting trapped in your separate marketing and sales silos.

  • The 3 Pillars Of Purposeful Content Marketing

    When developing a content marketing strategy that will deliver positive business results, keep the three pillars in mind: value, relevance, and consistency.


Perry Rearick

Prior to joining Follow Your Buyer, Perry was the senior director of publishing at Life Science Connect. During that time, he helped transform a sales force from one that simply sold advertising space to a team of business development consultants with an expertise in advertising and marketing communications. He most recently established Mungadai Consulting, an agency that develops and executes content marketing strategies for a variety of B2B and B2C businesses.