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My lifelong respect for the environment, obsession with natural wellness and passion for writing and publishing has brought me to the creation of Advantage, a Water Online brand, that helps connect solution providers in the water and wastewater industry connect with their intended utility and municipality. Request a Free Demo to see how our unique content marketing model can help you engage with the right personnel with the right content at the right time to make a meaningful difference.


VAR Marketing Mistakes
Why Relying Heavily On Sales Reps Is A Big Mistake
If you are a treatment equipment vendor grappling for stronger growth numbers, it is important to diversify how you approach the market, how you reach prospects, and how you build awareness of your products. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, one of the best ways to do this is by providing content directly to the water and wastewater market that educates them generally about their needs, rather than promotes the specifics of your latest pump....  Continue Reading..
Facility Design — Balancing Stainless-Steel, Single-Use, And Continuous Approaches To Manufacturing
Take Advantage Of BABA's Transformational Opportunity
In 2021 the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IJJA - aka, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law - BIL), was passed which provides an unprecedented level of federal investment in American water infrastructure. BIL provides broad eligibilities for drinking water and clean water projects through Clean Water State Revolving Funds (CWSRF). In its Decision Memorandum, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it is honored to play a...  Continue Reading..
Customer Success Handshake
Grow Your Brand By Leveraging Successes
A key component to growing a business or standing out in a crowded space is delivering on promises about your products and services. If you are able to deliver on promises, then expanding your brand to reach more customers is not as difficult as it could otherwise be. And a great way to do this is by showcasing your wins.  Continue Reading..
Embrace IT/OT Convergence And Become A Stand-Out Engineering Consultancy
We are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution and its combining digital information technology (IT) with industrial manufacturing operations (OT). The water and wastewater industry is beginning to see the benefits of the IT/OT convergence and engineering consultancies are rapidly moving beyond environmental design work into the burgeoning space of IT/OT design and implementation.  Continue Reading..
Ride The Coming Wave Of Industry Growth
Many treatment equipment vendors put great effort into developing quality products, designing informative spec sheets, showcasing new products at trade shows, and incentivizing independent sales reps to introduce their products to utilities. And yet, growth seems to flatline. Win a few bids, lose a few customers, status quo. Well, according to two independent market reports, all that is about to change – for better or for worse –...  Continue Reading..
Digital Solutions Support Cross-Functional Teams and Company ROI
Digital transformation in water and wastewater is one of the most important industry innovations of the 21st century. Where the focus used to be on pipes, screens, filters, disinfectants, and things more directly related to treatment, today the focus is on centralization of processes and data. It's changing the way municipalities operate their systems and has become the change catalyst of our time.  Continue Reading..
Be Part Of The Digital Transformation Revolution
With digital momentum finally picking up, it’s critical for your solution to be adopted as foundational that future solutions will build around. But how do you get a foot in the door and begin educating utilities on why your solution should be the first to evaluate, pilot and adopt?  Continue Reading..